Lightning From Red Above
Love is the last thing on Evangeline Kent’s mind when she receives word of her notorious pirate brother’s capture and impending death.
A Rolls Royce in No Man’s Land
Gwyn Ruthers is a chauffer’s daughter who longs for adventure far beyond the stifled life society restricts her to.
Of Courage Beyond
The Jacobite rising of The Fifteenth is over, but the rumblings of another war are ever present. Yet fighting is far from Rorwan MacLennan’s mind when he rescues Kyllian Strachlan from redcoat scouts.


If you love a good romance, high adventure, intelligent heroines who can hold their own, men to make your heart swoon and knees shake, and seeing that no matter life’s storms God is still in control then you’ve come to the right place.

All my life I’ve surrounded myself with books and awesome stories, particularly ones set in a time long gone by. My passion has always been history, and its secrets open up a world of possibilities. Throw in a melting romance that ends happily ever after and I’m hooked.

So sit back, relax, and find out where a new story can take you …