poppy installation London Tower 4

  Last year was the 100 year anniversary of the start of WWI. Throughout Europe, celebrations and memorials of every kind were given to honor those who had died for the sake of freedom from tyranny. It was a messy…
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X rays in War

x ray

Didn’t think I could find an X word relating to one of my favorite topics of pirates, spies, war, or Scotland, did you? Ha! I’m about to prove you wrong, but first I have to give a big thanks to…
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Nurses are another group of unsung heroes, and during war you can never have too many. Following the Boer War, the war office realized they needed backup when it came to medical services. But to train new recruits meant time…
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Joyeux Noel

I put in long hours of researching before I ever put pen to paper, er, finger to keyboard for another brilliant story. And when I say hours, I mean days, weeks, even months filled with studying books, news articles, old…
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Duchess of Westminster

After graduating college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Professional chocolate taster isn’t plausible and full-time world-traveler doesn’t pay the bills so I joined the Air Force. Coming from a long line of military…
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