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He storms beaches with a sword, an archery champion, charges German soldiers on a motorcycle, reenlists in the army at middle-age because he’s bored, wins a few medals, escapes two concentration camps, paratroops into Palestine, does some male modeling, plays bagpipes, and surfs. No I’m not talking about Chuck Norris’s or even Rambo’s grandfather.

‘Mad Jack’ Churchill. One of the coolest men to ever live. He was a British soldier who fought in churchill with swordWWII armed with his trusty longbow, bagpipes, and a Scottish broadsword. When asked why a sword in the day of guns he replied, “any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed.” But not to be outdone by his own mere blade, the man is known for the last recorded bow and arrow killing in action by shooting a German NCO n 1940.

After the battle of Dunkirk, Mad Jack joined the Commandos without knowing what they did but because it sounded like fun. As the ramps fell from his landing craft, he leaped forward playing ‘March of the Cameron Men’ on his pipes before throwing a grenade and running straight into the battle screaming “Commandoooo!”. Needless to say, the Germans were taken aback. Mad Jack and his 50 men took 136 prisoners that day. Not long after that, he single-handedly took 42 German prisoners and captured a mortar crew using only his broadsword and a patrolling guard as a human shield. When asked how he managed this:

“I maintain that as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do, if you are senior to him he will cry yes sir and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation.”

Even after retirement the man’s eccentricity could not be stopped. Each day on his train ride home, he’d throw his briefcase out the window. He merely explained that he was simply tossing it into his own back garden so he wouldn’t have to carry it from the station.


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  1. Tom Threadgill

    Um, why isn’t there a movie about this guy? And is he any relation to Winston?

    1. J'nell (Post author)

      Seriously, this guy deserves his own movie! He did a few cameos like Ivanhoe where he was one of the archers on the castle. Go figure! I didn’t see anything saying he was related to Winston, but there must be something in the Churchill name to forge great leaders.

  2. Kathleen Rouser

    Never heard of ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill. Here’s where truth is stranger than fiction. He sounds like an action movie hero, not a real life person. He was either really brave, liked to take chances or both! I bet he would have liked snowboarding. 😉 But seriously, another fascinating post, J’nell. Was he any relation to Winston Churchill? Just curious!

    1. J'nell (Post author)

      This man could put any action hero to shame. And you’re right, it’s so much cooler because he was real! Crossing my fingers they’ll make a movie about him. So far I haven’t come across anything that says he was related to Winston, but like I told Tom, there’s something about the Churchill name that inspires leadership.

  3. Karla Akins

    Okay, that does it. Next Rottweiler I get I’m naming Churchill! I love the brief case antics. He not only worked hard but smart.

    I wish we had more leaders like this today. Perhaps that’s what the movie Sniper is so popular. We long for true, real-life heroes these days because there are so few.

    1. J'nell (Post author)

      Only if his middle name can be Mad Jack! Or if you enter him in dog shows then his stage name could be Fighting Churchill. Either way, I love it. I totally agree with longing for larger than life heroes. Churchill, Roosevelt, William Wallace. It seems like all the good men are of days gone by. But we can’t think like that. Many of these men only became famous after their death, so maybe years from now we’ll hear about awesomeness that went on right on.


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