Dear John

dear john letter

Back in the day, long before emails and long distance phone calls, people wrote letters. Pen pals, business inquiries, how ya doin’ mom, and most special of all the love letter. Separated by oceans and lines of enemy guns, letters from home were the life blood that kept the weary soldiers going. Something to dream about and fight for. But what happened when the home fires started to burn a little brighter for someone else?

Thought to have originated during WWII, soldiers overseas would receive affectionate letters from their sweethearts “Dear Johnny, “My Dearest John”, but the ladies often got lonely waiting for Johnny boy to come home. Pretty soon the hard fighting lads got a curt letter “Dear John, I’ve found someone else while you’ve been away risking your life. Hope you don’t mind that I gave all your stuff to charity as you weren’t here to claim it.” Ouch.

The Vietnam War produced more “Dear John” letters than any other conflict. Blame free love.




  1. debbie

    I couldn’t image receiving a “Dear John” letter so far from home.

    1. J'nell (Post author)

      It’s still happening today unfortunately, but the receivers have come up with some pretty creative ways to deal with it. One guy got such a letter from his girlfriend so he asked all his buddies of pictures of old girlfriends. The guy sent all the pictures to the girl and asked her to remove her picture from the pile because he couldn’t remember which one she was.

      1. debbie

        good for him 🙂


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