Character bios


Height: too tall for a woman

Weight: with or without my driving goggles on?

Hair: fashionably rich brown, or so CeCe informs me

Eyes: green-blue

Hobbies: reading of far off places, and driving anywhere the wind blows, but preferably to some place adventurous

Sweet or salty: Sweet! A smuggled hot chocolate after a long day driving through the slush





Height: precisely 6’2

Weight: whatever regulation requires

Hair: wavy blond

Eyes: dark blue

Hobbies: riding a well-bred steed, sketching

Secret Dream: to live a life the Army requires, but if no one is around I’ll admit to wanting to raise horses





Height: elegantly petite

Weight: scandalous to ask a lady such a thing

Hair: an unfashionable strawberry blonde

Eyes: light brown

Hobbies: shopping for dresses and husbands, you need one to have the other

Guilty Pleasure: guilty? I don’t understand the concept



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