What Era Do I Belong In?

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong time? Do you long for the days of fluffy gowns and elegant manners, men in top hats and carriages, or rolled stockings and bobbed hair? Take the quiz and find out where you truly belong.

1. You’re invited to a high society ball. You open your closet door and put on your favorite dress:

A wide hoop skirt with rows of petticoats, corset, and a dress of watered silk.
Stockings rolled down, knickers and a camisole, and a silky dress with a drop waist that brushes the tops of your knees.
Silk brocade sac back gown with stays and panniers, and elbow length sleeves trimmed with frothy lace.
An elegant white muslin that drapes me like a Grecian goddess. I may even wet the skirt to show off my shapely legs beneath.
My S figure is showed off to perfection in soft flowing fabrics that whisper behind me in a train. With matching jacket and parasol, I’m the picture of elegance.

2. You’ve got one colorful vocabulary. Ladylike of course! Some of your favorites:

Go boil your shirt!
Ah applesauce!
Who put that monkey on horseback without tying his tail?
All the crack.
Balmy on the crumpet.

3. News of the day keeps you on your toes. Today’s headlines read:

Thomas Jefferson elected President, Civil War breaks out, and young Victoria is crowned queen.
Prohibition, Fatty Arbuckle scandal, and The Jazz Singer is a smash hit.
The French revolt, America earns her freedom, and the first Great Awakening takes the country by storm.
Mad King George, Napoleon on the rampage, and the presidential residence is officially known as the White House.
Titanic, The Great War, execution of the Czar and his family.

4. You’d never leave the house without a stunning coif. Your mane of glory looks best:

Parted in the middle and pulled smoothly back into shiny ringlets or an elegant snood.
Bobbed and sleek.
Towering high above the others, powdered to white perfection.
Pulled back into a chignon to show off my neck with little tendrils framing my face.
Curled to fluffy perfection on top of my head and set off with a large hat.

5. Nothing gets your feet to tapping like the hit tunes of the day:

The Star Spangled Banner fills me with pride while Sweet Rosie O’Grady had all the boys singing.
Ain’t Misbehavin’, Dinah, and What is this thing called Love are the cat’s pajamas.
Anything from Mozart or Beethoven.
A pianoforte tinkling out a beautiful waltz or a country cotillion.
If You Were the only Girl in the World sets my heart to fluttering every time.

6. You’re a girl of modern conveniences. Which one impresses you the most?

The sewing machine saves so much time these days.
Those newfangled traffic lights have caused me to be late more than once especially since I’ve been dolling up with my hair dryer.
With my new bifocals I’m able to watch in wonderment at that marvelous hot air balloon.
The steam locomotive. Can you imagine such a beast?
Electricity has done away with those awful dripping candles forever.

7. You like to travel in style, but which to choose from?

The railroad. I can travel from Charleston to New York in under seven days.
I’d adore a ride in the clouds with that handsome fellow Lindbergh.
A coach. My clothes stay dry, but the springs are horrid.
A barouche drawn by two horses of fine breeding.
The automobile with its cushy seats.

8. Keeping in touch with family and friends is very important. Your favorite way is:

A telegraph. How do they change those little dots and dashes into words?
The party line telephone. Perfect way to hear all the latest gossip from your neighbors.
Letters by post and sealed with wax.
With a flourish of pen and paper in elegant script.
The telephone. Can you believe I can talk to someone miles away just with a wire?

9. Good manners require one to greet others with proper respect:

A gentleman should doff his hat and take a lady’s offered hand.
Shake hands with a friendly ‘how ya doin’ doll?’
My dear Madame, to what accident am I to ascribe this happy meeting.
A gentleman’s bow and a lady’s curtsy.
A gentleman should raise his hat and give a slight nod to the lady. A married lady may offer her hand. Or not.

10. Well versed in the literature of the day, the book on your nightstand is:

Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
The Great Gatsby, A Farewell to Arms, The Age of Innocence.
One Thousand and One Nights, and Gulliver’s Travels.
She Walks in Beauty, and Persuasion.
The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Wind in the Willows, and Tales of Peter Rabbit.